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Who are you?

My name is Jon(anthan) Chirico. I'm currently 26 years old living in Buffalo, New York trying to make it "big".

My goal is to find and hire an agent of some kind so my work can be professionally produced.

My biggest dream would be to have my two movie scripts bought and produced on the big screen; along with my TV shows.

I would also love for my poems to be published in magazines, and have my own book that could be found in libraries and/or taught in schools.

My songs to be brought into the studio and have that authentic sound, where I could really mass produce and sell my music.

I wouldn't mind writing for other people as well.

Why should I read/listen/watch to your stuff?

With everything you read/listen/watch, you find a story.

If you just never liked poetry, that's fine, you will find what you are missing/looking for in form of my songs.

My ambition outweighs my talent, no question. I admit I cannot sing. But I can write.

I write things that wemall can relate to, struggles, life, mystery, faith...

Plus, try new things! Poetry is dying, when you ask someone to name some poets, they either can't name any, or just say Shakespear or people before the 20th century.

In reality, there's many great poets from this generation, and hopefully I can shape the many more to come in the next.

How long have you been playing music/writing?

I took lessons as a kid for piano for a bit, then really dropped off in my teens. I picked it up again after high school and learn songs through YouTube a lot.

I started playing the guitar in November 2014, I got my acoustic the next summer, and started learning harmonica by listening to Bob Dylan shortly after.

I've always been a writer, a lot of the poems on here are actually from my early stuff written in high school.

Sometimes, I'll write a lot in a span of a month, and other times I won't write for awhile.

A lot of my writing comes from different experences, so if I don't have any, then I don't write.

Why do you sound so depressed?

To simply put it; because I was. You have to understand depression to truly judge it.

To say I'm "fine" now would be a lie. I don't think anyone is ever "fine". We just deal with life as it is.

But I want to help people. And if you can realte to my songs, and sing along, and really understand my writings and it helps you. Then keep reading, keep sharing.

I am working on a different website that will help people with depression FOR FREE.

There's so much bullshit website's out there that make you pay for it. So far there's a chat on this website that will go to my phone 24/7. Use it if you need to I will always be there for someone.

Who have been your inspirations?

In high school, I read a lot of Robert Frost and Edgar Allen Poe

Branching out into college, I learned about the real beginnings of poetry with T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound.

E.E. Cummings, of course Sylvia Plath, Lawrence Ferlinghetti is good and my boy Allen Ginsberg who was friends with my all time favorite, Bob Dylan.

Of course most people look at Bob Dylan as a musican but since winning the Nobel Prize in literature, a lot of folks now see him as a writer, and he is a great one. A lot of my writings is highly influenced by him, same with my songs. But I think I have my own voice as well.

Can I use your stuff?

Sure, just give me credit and share it with me so I can see how you used it!

Where can we leave comments/suggestions/get in touch with you?

My e-mail is JonChirico@gmail.com that would be the best way to get a hold of me.

Did you create this website?

Yes I created everything myself on here. It's not the best, but it's functional.

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