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"The First Son"

Logline: The alcoholic First Son of the United States, searches for his dad’s love while trying to prove that the Secretary of State is disloyal but parties and pranks his dad too much to be taken seriously. The First Son seeks genuine loyalty while sticking to his true self in every obstacle imaginable.

The first two episodes are written in full! As is the show's bible...which you can preview here!

Check out the Pilot here.

The second TV Show is called "Seekers". It is about 3 recently graduated high school males who are looking for some purpose in their lives.

In their small town, a girl they graduated with goes missing, they decide to help.

This TV series will be following 3 best friends from high school; the leader, who's impulsive and bi-polar, the tech savvy nerd who's a bit too arrogant, and the red neck hunter who is very outspoken.

Follow their first quest as they try to find a fellow classmate who was taken at a party. Need to track footsteps? Craig the hunter can help you with that. Need to trace a license plate? Tyler the tech genius can help you. Need a place to hold your research and video games? Try Charlie's (parent's) basement.

Take a ride with the boys as they try to figure out their lives after high school. With the twist and secrets (and the gun(s) being pointed at them) you'll be rooting for them at every turn.

Being best friends, they like to have fun too. They know how to joke around and have that light bulb moment in the funniest cheesiest way.

Take a chance on the Seekers and see what happens when the police get involved...

Read to find out if they find her or not! The whole script can be found here.

“Seekers” is a comedy first. These situations they are put in will never be dark like “Criminal Minds”. The boys will dive into light hearted circumstances like “Psych”. I strongly believe “Seekers” will be a successful venture. Take a ride with the boys and never look back…

E-mail me at JonChirico@gmail.com if interested! ALL written material is under copyright under my name! And have been registered to WGA system.

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