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I have written 2 full length screenplays. The first one is titled "Personal Homicides".

I am looking for strong representation on this.


“Personal Homicides" is a story about a drug addicted & alcohol driven detective whose personal life is spiraling out of control; he must hunt down a killer who is getting revenge from their past.

Mitchell Patterson, fresh off of an undercover drug sting, is a homicide detective at the Pittsburgh police department, he’s getting assigned his new partner who is an up and coming young man. They get assigned a serial killer case, all the victims are females Mitch went to high school with. His wife, who is his high school sweetheart, is worried about him taking the case. Mitch lies to her and enters a cat and mouse against the serial killer.

Having a drinking and drug problem, his work and home life start to mix badly. His health starts to deteriorate and he starts having flashbacks of his undercover operation. All the while trying to be in control of his rookie partner who always goes by the book. The serial killer targets Mitch’s wife, Mitch must get his life together before it’s too late.

I feel this screenplay is very hard to pass up on. The themes are seen in everyday life; envy, revenge, and love. If you feel you or anyone else would be interesting in reading this, please let me know.

I will give a short preview which you can read here.

The second screenplay is titled “Drunk Life, Sober Living”. It is a drama first and a comedy second. This is a story about the world we live in, and how even though we are very different from each other, we are all the same in which we are human. We all have emotions.

The story follows a thirty year old alcoholic who battles with her past as she refuses help from her high school lover who is now a lawyer while dealing with her aggressive lesbian best friend and their newly acquainted drug addicted selfish bartender.

A short preview of this script can be found here.

I feel very strongly about both of these, I just need representation. I know my voice will be heard; let’s make something happen.

E-mail me at JonChirico@gmail.com if interested! ALL written material is under copyright under my name! And have been registered to WGA system.

Both are on the Blcklst being read every week, my profile can be found here.

I also wrote a TV pilot, which you can find more info about that here.

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